3) Accountability means being “All-In”.

Being “All-In” means that you are not “dabbling” in your efforts to become wealthy. You are not “Toe-dipping”, ready to pull out at the slightest discomfort. Being “All-In” means not finishing is not an option.

True story: In the 1968 summer Olympics, held in Mexico City, Tanzanian runner John Akhwari experienced what most would consider a crippling series of events during the running of the Marathon. Early in the race he cramped up due to the high altitude. At about the 19 km mark, in a pack of runners jockeying for position, John was hit and went down. He dislocated his knee (that’s right, dislocated a knee during a running race) and severely injured his shoulder. 18 other runners did not finish the race due to the high altitude, but John continued to run, despite both the altitude and his terrible injuries. He crossed the finish line one hour and five minutes after the winner … but he crossed the finish line.

When asked why he continued to run after receiving such crippling injuries, John said, “My Country did not send me 9,000 miles to start a race, they sent me 9,000 miles to finish a race”. While he did not win (he came in last), today, fifty years later, no one talks about who won the race, they talk about the determination and heroism of John Akhwari, the last place finisher.

Being All-In means that not finishing is not an option. To be clear, we are not saying that a failing business that was a bad idea in the first place should be kept open at all costs and ruin your family’s future.  (I can hear Kevin O’Leary saying “take it out back and shoot it”)  A business that does not work out may be the injured shoulder. An investment that goes bad may be the cramping due to altitude. A bankruptcy may be your dislocated knee. But, don’t give up on your life. We are talking about your personal finish. We are talking about your quest to become a Prince or Princess. This journey may take you many places and through many ideas or business endeavors to realize your goal. If you are “All-In” you will continue running and eventually reach the finish line.

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