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Peter M. Yachimski, RLS is an Owner and full-time resident at a resort hotel in Sedona, AZ.  Peter is an author, an Arizona Registered Professional Land Surveyor, a former certified Planner (2000-2009), a practicing construction manager, a professional real estate developer and a licensed Financial, Income and Retirement Planning specialist.

He is president and managing member of several consulting firms based in Sedona; including: Vanguard Professional Services, LLC, a real estate investment and development consulting firm and Secure Financial Solutions Team, LLC, a personal finance, retirement and income planning firm.  Peter is also the Owner of several Real Estate Development companies including: Vanguard Land Investments, LLC, a real estate investment and holding company and Vanguard ExecuSuites, LLC, a commercial office rental property in Sedona.

Peter has served his clients as a professional witness and is recognized by the State of Colorado court system as an expert in real estate, investments, construction and development.  In 2000, Peter was appointed to a special task force by the office of the Governor of Arizona to review the management and profitability of state real estate assets.

Peter has been providing business and personal financial guidance to clients for more than 30-years and has been a resident of Arizona for 20-years.  Peter has helped hundreds to achieve their definition of Wealth and Personal Fulfillment.



*****5.0 out of 5 stars: Great Read!: By Amazon Customer on 12/10/15:

“Well written and insightful. This author obviously is passionate about his topic. Good educational reading that makes you think but doesn’t numb your brain. His anecdotes are colorful and telling. Great book. Highly recommended.”

***** “I LOVED IT!” by Lori E. : on 03/23/2018:

I just finished book 2 (“Prepare for the Road Ahead”) this morning.  You did a wonderful job of educating without dummying it down or making a complex topic confusing. The content of the book was perfect for my staff. I bought a copy for everyone that is currently participating in the 401K. I am hoping if everyone is reading the same book there will be conversation in the break-room…encouraging others not enrolled to participate.

I ordered book 1 (“Think like the Rich”) today!


*****5.0 out of 5 stars: A Thoughtful Approach to Lifelong Wealth – By Baby Boomer on 03/03/16:

“This was surprisingly thoughtful. One never knows about personal finance slash investing advice books. Some are focused on making a specific urban or suburban lifestyle less fraught with debt. Others are in a vague stratosphere of bizarre advice. This one asks us to take a closer look at the lifetime treadmill we are on and get off it. I’ve read in many books, for instance, the smart move is to buy a used car. This is the first one that linked buying a car with a loan attached to limiting life choices because the payments lock you into that life and you aren’t free to pursue a different one. Yes, of course you can sell that new car and move on anyway, but if you bought it to boost your ego, giving it up would be difficult. This book is definitely worth reading.”


What Peter’s Clients say about him as a professional …

“A unique approach to wealth and success.  Insightful with just the right amount of cynicism … Peter is the most competent man I know.”

Neil S. Cumsky

President & CEO of Princeton Resorts Group

“When I have a challenge that I know will be difficult and full of complex issues, I call Peter. He possesses attention to detail, pro-active problem solving and problem prevention and is extremely responsive with excellent communication”

Miandra Cash, PE