10 Major causes of failure in leadership by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich”:

#7: Intemperance: “Followers do not respect an intemperant leader. Moreover, intemperance in any of its various forms destroys the endurance and the vitality of all who indulge in. it.”

This is, I believe, the first time that Napoleon Hill has identified a negative trait that is a cancer to the Leader, not to the followers.

Intemperance, or an inability to be flexible and therefore forgiving of less than perfect performance under the specified business plan, destroys the endurance and vitality of: NOT the followers, but of the leader. An intemperant (or unforgiving) leader cannot succeed, because he (or she) themselves will not survive.

Assemble your team. Give them their assignments. Then … get the hell out of the way and let them do their jobs. IF you are constantly interfering … the manifestation of intemperance… you will eat at your soul and the soul of your company, enterprise and staff.

If you cannot get out of the way because your staff or followers are incapable or unmotivated, then you have other problems (see other causes of failure in leadership).  You need to make the changes needed so that you can get out of the way and empower your followers to be their best.

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